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Tony Smith’s songs capture the Australian country way of life in a way that echoes the spirit of John Williamson. He carefully crafts his music to reflect the stories the people on the land, telling their stories, and his, with both heart and humour. He has had songs recorded by 'James Blundell and been featured as part of the ABC series 'The Recording Studio' recording with Multi-Golden Guitar winning producer'Matt Fell'. Music has always been always been in his blood and his songs create a rich tapestry that reflects a country life in Australia with an endearing authenticity. 


Tony Smith’s new single ‘Dance On’ will be released nationally and iternationally in May 2020.

It signals Tony's return to the country muisc scene after a 20 years abscence and is the perfect reintroduction for an artist who captures the the heart and soul of Australian country life so beautifully in his songs.


“I was working in W.A driving trucks when this gem popped into my head on a long trip from Newman to Cape Preston “They Danced Off Into Their Lives”  rattled around in my head for hours and gradually became a song about the longevity of true love.” Tony Smith

With a new album due for release at the Tamworth Festival in 2021, ‘Dance On’ is a great sample of the rich tapestry of songs to come, and a most welcome return.

Dance On (sample)Tony Smith
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Tony Smith

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