Tony Smith’s songs capture the Australian country way of life, and both the country music industry and fans alike are loving it.


In 2020/21 a string of radio hits and awards established Tony Smith as an emerging artist to watch. His single releases charted nationally; The Ghost Of This Guitar (#2), Dirt Kids(#12) and Dance On(#15) plus at the 2021 Tamworth Country Music festival he won two prestigious awards - The Most Promising Future Star at the People’s Choice Awards and the Bluegrass Song Of The Year at the TSA Songwriter Salute Awards.


Born and raised in the lower Darling Murray Basin region at Balcatherine Station, 45 kilometres from the historic town of Wentworth NSW, Tony lives and breathes the land through the good times and bad, as every farmer does.  From droughts, floods and fires, to epic lake bed wheat crops, booming wool and sheep prices and back again; to shooting stock and wondering why the hell any sane person would try to make a living off the land.


Tony’s life experiences are recorded in his songs that reflect a life soaked in the land and the people that live on it. His song ‘Shearer’, caught James Blundell’s ear and he recorded it on his ‘Portrait of a Man’ album. He was also part of the National ABC series ‘The Recording Studio’ where he recorded a tribute to his father with Golden Guitar winning producer Matt Fell.


Though Tony started his music career some time ago, it is only now after a long absence that he has been able to return to the music that he loves. It was 20 years ago, whilst playing at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, that his wife Ana noticed something not right with their nearly full-term baby Kelsey Roy Smith.  Tony and Ana flew home where Kelsey was stillborn.  A few months later Tony was diagnosed with cancer which knocked the still staggering family for another ‘six’.  Tony‘s natural instinct was to focus on and protect what he held most dear – his loving wife and children, and music took a back seat for many years.


But now, with a new album ‘Stir The Embers’ being released in 2021 alongside a new single ‘Hit It On The Run’ plus his recent awards at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, he is most definitely back and people are loving it. His songs echo the spirit of John Williamson, delivering the story of his life and the people around him.


His music is unique, it’s refreshing, it’s honest.


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